Wine Country with Grazing Haus: Part 1

Welcome to this multi-part blog highlighting our recent trip to wine country: Napa and Sonoma Valley May 2021. We all know that cheese and wine go hand in hand so it's only natural that we spent a week exploring and learning all we could! Let me tell you the secret sauce to Napa Valley - GO DURING THE WEEK - it will not disappoint.

For part 1, I want to go over our itinerary and our team of TRUSTED vendors we hired for a seamless trip. Let it be known that there are HUNDREDS of wineries to explore across the trail so what and where we chose are just the tip of the iceberg. There are large commercialized wineries to small family-owned estate vineyards. Choosing where you go is completely up to you and your crew of wineos.


  • We flew into San Francisco - whoever rents the car make sure they are a confident road warrior!

  • Coming from Florida we landed pretty late and stayed the night in San Fran - you could powerhouse through this and drive in the same night (we did this for my bachelorette trip in 2019 so it is doable!)


  • Traveling with the BEST workout and wine partner is a plus - Emily booked us an early 8:30 AM SoulCycle class - this really helped debloat from the plane, and I definitely was so happy when we finished!

  • By 11 AM the morning work traffic is gone and it's the perfect time to check out and hit the road - the drive only took us about an hour to get to downtown Napa!

  • 1 Winery - we couldn't waste a day so we found a winery near our hotel to kick the trip off with Sodaro Estate Winery: 24 Blue Oak Ln, Napa, CA 94558 (located in Coombsville located to the right of the trail and south towards downtown Napa - 15 min drive)

  • Hotel: The Archer - perfectly placed for walking through downtown Napa, great amenities, and a beautiful rooftop bar (Sky and Vine) and gym!

  • Dinner: we walked down the street to a Mediterranean place - Tarla Grill

  • Places close by 9 PM in Napa so hit the hay and prepare yourself for a marathon, not a sprint

Wednesday: Napa Valley

  • We tackled 4 wineries each day - our first tour began between 10:30/11 AM

  1. AXR - boutique hidden gem, young winery, amazing experience

  2. Brian Arden (lunch pairing) - seed to table style winery, one of a kind lunch experiences

  3. Schramsberg - bubbles! Book this to start the day

  4. *Deli Stop* @ Vsatuii

  5. Turnbull - amazing but sadly wouldn't let us bring our cheese in and did not offer food with a tasting

  6. Jessup *impromptu stop before dinner because Emily was a wine club member!)\

  • Dinner: Bottega Napa Valley (I ordered the short ribs and WOW mouth watering falling off the bone perfection)

Thursday: Sonoma Valley

  • Hitting day 2 strong with another 4 wineries lined up all thanks to the referrals from the owner of Wine Tasting Driver - Gary

  1. Lasseter Family Vineyards (French Style) + cheese plate = the perfect location

  2. Kenwood Vineyards - sadly wouldn't suggest this for a tasting I'd prefer spending money on the more boutique experiences

  3. VJB Vineyard & Cellars - lunch and tasting *also felt like we could have spent money and time at a different winery this was also a bit touristy*

  4. Gloria Ferrer - BUBBLES on the patio - perfection + ordered a cheese plate

Friday: Artesa & Back to SFO

  • Heading home is never easy - so we ended our trip on a high note with Artesa (this is a winery that could easily kick-off or end a trip to wine country as it's right upon entering or leaving)

  • How did we get our wine home??? Buffalo's Shipping Post - this is on your way out of Napa, the st