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Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

My day in order of liquid intake: Coffee. Water. Protein Shake. Wine.

Growing up in Europe over the summers I started drinking coffee at a younger age. A cappuccino in Italy at breakfast is just something you don't pass on! However, when we weren't on "vacation" you would find my sister and I behind the bar manning the espresso machine at our Gasthaus. Grinding fresh beans, learning how to perfectly pat down the coffee so it would brew properly, and then of course plating the coffees on their trays, and serving them (without spilling!). We were like mini baristas at 12 and 13, serving "kleiner brauner Kaffee" (single espresso shots).

To clarify - a Gasthaus is not a home - its a traditional pub like restaurant, ran by a family, and serves traditional Austrian/German fare such as wiener schnitzel, goulash, pepper steaks, soups, salads, and coffee, beer and wine. As you may know from reading about the history of Grazing Haus, this whole "grazing" trend has been something I grew up doing, before it was trendy. :)

Anyways, that was all to set the stage that I am a well rounded coffee connoisseur! So when I saw this whipped coffee trend I had to try it. Now the tasty and buzz feed articles all said "so easy" "ingredients you have already". Let me clarify - I did not have instant coffee in my pantry for obvious reasons, so I did have to go and buy some. (thanks Aldi)

Whipped Coffee:


2 tbsp hot water

2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp instant coffee




1. add all 3 ingredients to a bowl

2. whisk by hand 400 times, good luck (I used a hand mixer :)) until the consistency is whipped, light, and fluffy

3. Pour milk into a glass filled with ice

4. Dollop the whipped coffee to the top of the glass, mix into the milk and enjoy!

Over all the whipped coffee was awesome - I definitely experienced a jolt of energy so make sure you don't over do your caffeine intake on the morning you decide to try this out!

Things I wish I had known: use half the sugar. The sugar in my almond milk + 2 tbsp of sugar was kind of over kill for me. I was able to drink it after I mixed the whip in well with the milk and after some of the ice melted into water. If you like the sweeter drinks from Starbucks then I would say use the full 2 tbsp, but for me I do not, so next time I make it I will be halving the sugar.

Another warning - do not drink this too late in the day. I kid you not, I had already had 1 coffee before I made this and I couldn't stop moving to save my life! Lots of caffeine in this drink :)

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