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How to Easily Cut Goat Cheese

Let's face it - goat cheese can be a crumbly creamy mess sometimes! There is a very EASY and inexpensive way to slice a soft chevre so you get the perfect pieces for your cheese boards.

Step #1: A wire slicer will change your life - I keep these hand held wires in stock at my home all the time - only $7!

  • Now there are all sorts of wire slicers - but for the small retail goat cheese logs and other soft cheeses these should do the trick!

Step #2: Goat cheese can be frozen for 5 minutes to help make it sturdy to cut. If you are slicing other harder cheese - let it come to room temp for at least 10 minutes - this will keep your wire in tact and keep it from breaking if the cheese is too hard.

Step #3: slice your cheese into thin slices - this will let them lay flat and beautiful on boards (see how nicely they are laying in the box here?)

Here is a quick tutorial video!

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