How To Assemble a Charcuterie Platter: The Grazing Haus Method

Always wondered how Grazing Haus assembles our grazing platters? Well, here we are sharing our steps for you to try at home.

Over the past 2 years Ali Eck founder of Grazing Haus has developed the style that Grazing Haus is now known for. There is a 5 step process to assembling grazes to ensure each one is undeniably Grazing Haus. Here we share those steps.

Step 1: Prep + Place

Prep - pre slice your cheese so that your friends and family are able to easily pick up pieces from the platter. Clean your fresh produce and allow it to dry.

Place - establish the lay of the land on your platter by placing down any bowls you will be using ex: honey, mustard, jam, olives

Step 2: Cheese & Charcuterie

Style your pre sliced cheeses on your platter around your placed bowls, then layer in your charcuterie. Don't be afraid to layer and alternate your folding.

Step 3: Grapes & Olives

Now it's time to place your large grapes and pickled items on the board.

Step 4: Layering Details

It's all in the details. This step is crucial to bring the graze together, layer your fresh berries, crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and of course something sweet.