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A Day in Graz - Local Edition

Graz, Austria is the second- largest cities in Austria, and is the largest within the Styria region. Graz is known for it's beautiful architecture dating back 900 years to the Romans. Additionally there is a huge cuisine boom underway, where new style and old style restaurants are emerging. Old taverns are being reconstructed by investors and are delivering not only an aesthetically beautiful place to grab a glass of champagne, but the food is also divine.

I stumbled upon the most instagrammable bar restaurant "Landhaus Keller".

Landhaus Keller Schmiedgasse 9, 8010 Graz

Starting with the entrance let's talk about the lighting! Where are these lanterns sold and how can I ship these back home for my garden? You enter through the original gate that was once the entrance into the farm house.

Further down the hallway you can see the black drapes. These helped to play up Secret Garden vibes I was sensing. But wait, it got even better, imagine a secret garden, but suspended overhead.

So here we are the floating secret garden! Someone need to hand me a glass of rose, I could have sat there all day! There was also a massive outside bar to the left, and I also saw a DJ booth set up. Should I mention the cat theme? Yes Cat - as in kittie cat, meow, fluffers. There were a handful of cat statues and other cat themed sayings on signs all over the bar. This was a super relaxing outdoor area which I am sure also can be very chill in the evening.

The very back focal point was a long bench and sign. It reads "Hofsaison" roughly translated as "the season for sitting outside". Come on SWFL can we please get a place as cool as this?

For me this bench area is screaming feed me a wine and cheese board. Luckily, that is totally the norm in Graz, and Austria as a whole. It wouldn't be surprise me to see this type of hanging out right here through the entire Summer at Landhaus Keller.

Friends, wine, cheese, and sunshine!

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