Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I place my order?

Simply click the order button located at the top right corner of the site! If you want to talk before feel free to email us at and we will set up a conference call

Can I choose the cheese for my order?

Grazing Haus releases a Cheese Menu of the Month every month! You can see our cheese selection on our homepage showcasing our featured platter. We do all things seasonally including buying fruits and sweet treats for the month. 

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

For Platters and Boxes - a minimum of 48 hours is required for each order, the earlier the better.

Tables need to be reserved 2 weeks in advance of the date.

What is included with my order?

After we have discussed any customizations and size, your Grazing Haus order will come with a mixture of the following: 

  • Beeseasonal Honey Pot + Honey Stick

  • Cheese Selections

  • Charcuterie variety

  • Seasonal Fruit and Crudite

  • Cracker bag

  • Nuts and dried fruit

  • Olives/ pickles

  • Something sweet (usually chocolate covered nuts or a seasonal holiday-themed treat)

Do I keep the platter?

Yes! Everything is yours to keep - no returns necessary. Our platters are disposable and reusable for you to have.

Will you build a platter on one of my own boards?

Yes, I ask for the platter 3 days in advance - pricing based off of your board size.

Where do you deliver?
  • Cape Coral, Florida

  • Fort Myers, Florida

  • North Fort Myers, Florida

  • Estero, Florida

Tables & Grazing Haus experiences (DIY and Show and Tell) are available for Bonita Springs & Naples bookings.

What is your delivery fee?
  • First 5 miles free & $1 after

How long will my graze last?

We suggest eating your graze the day it is delivered - this guarantees freshness!

If you must wait to graze - our boxes and platters are good for 24 hours. We can not guarantee freshness past 24 hours.

Help I still have more questions!

No problem at all! Reach out to me at and we will set up a conference call talking cheese is my favorite hobby!